Frequently asked Questions. 

Q: What is Wrinklys.com

A: It’s a friendly community website for everyone; filled with great content which you’re invited to contribute to! (if you like!)


Q: How much does it cost?
A: It’s totally free!


Q: What can I do here?

A: You’re more than welcome to read, comment on and share on our chat boards; topics include:
introducing yourself,

Wrinklys Dating,

General Chat,

Wrinklys Humor

and even Wrinklys Debate Board!

Wrinklys also has a Great Person board which has inspiring stories and a Games Section!

We’d also love your feedback so do get in contact on the Contact page!


Q: What’s with the cats?
A: It’s a little-known secret that cats actually control the internet and; like a good politician we’re sucking up to them! We’ve seen the future; and it’s furry!